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A Coach Note on Productivity, Health & Wealth

Exercise to Maximize Your Productivity, Health & Wealth

This is a quick coach tip to remind you of the great importance of your own health. Exercise benefits your mind and your body, and it can be a key success tool if you apply the science to your advantage.

Did you know that a large amount of research suggests that working out can make you more productive at your work? Physical activity is associated with increases in productivity, creativity and concentration.  Exercise is also linked to decreasing stress and stress-related illness.

You can get a boost of brain empowering adrenaline by taking a brisk walk.  Think of what consistently working- out in any form could do for you?

If it’s wealth you are seeking, then exercise is your friend. Many highly successful people attest to getting inspiration and profitable ideas during and after their exercise routines. Billionaire Richard Branson has been quoted saying that working out gives him four additional hours of productive time because of what it does for his mind and energy level.

Your health and wealth involve mind, body, and spirit. Taking care of one benefits and fuels the other.

Make your own self-care and health a priority, and I guarantee that it will positively impact your wealth.

Ask us about an accountability partner or coach to help you create a new habit or develop your skillset and mindset.

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