Hello! If you are a woman, this is for you and your health, wealth, and happiness.


Confident Woman Coaching is a Learning and Growth Club For Women.

Our mission is to help women become more confident and successful on their own terms, while fully expressing their talents, pursuing their passions, and realizing continual growth goals as leaders who make a difference.

CWC is designed to help you move from your status quo, to making rapid progress toward your next career, relationship, and financial growth goals.

CWC offers many benefits to our group members. Some of the most valuable benefits are found in the connection with other women, the support and learning that happens in our group coaching clinics in which we discuss topics that women face in relationships and business. We also incorporate your unique personal challenges into coaching conversations and focused work together.

CWC offers to all members: bite-size training and mentoring calls twice per month, a monthly coaching clinic, coaching through email, a private Facebook support group with online learning resources, guest speakers, and special meet-ups.

Our integrative coaching program creates rapid improvement by giving individuals personal attention and connection with other women who are going through similar life and leadership challenges.

This program will push you out of your comfort zone. This is the only way to grow past your current level or personal limits.

CWC will provide you with a system of accountability and a structure for you to utilize to help you move forward on individual goals and action steps.

If our mission inspires you and you are a person committed to continually growing yourself, I invite you to apply for membership.

Please request an application or a phone conversation here: info@realizationpartners.com

Confident Woman Coaching provides multiple elements, and you can choose a-la-cart style to meet your growth goals.


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