Professional Coaching and Training

Coaching Services For Individuals and Organizations

Career Coaching

Get Help To Advance Your Career

Are you seeking a promotion or a new position? Are you looking to increase the skills you need to move forward? Partnering with us for personal coaching can make the difference you need.

We can help you by providing career advice, strategic planning and clarification of your goals, and personal coaching specific to the skills you need to grow in your career. We help our clients advance to their next level.

Interview and Presentation Preparation

Do you need to prepare yourself for speaking, presenting, or interviewing?  We will coach you to improve your communications skills and train you on winning presentation techniques. Our mentors and coaches provide expert communication training and interview preparation. We also provide assistance with networking, job, and business referrals.

Julie provides personalized career coaching services to each client. After an initial time of listening to you and hearing what you want to achieve, she will suggest a coaching plan to help you get to your goals most quickly.

Ask for more information about getting help from Julie or one of our career counselors.

Life Coaching

Breakthrough Your Barriers

Are you seeking more growth and more fulfillment? Do you have life challenges to overcome and goals you want to realize with the help of a certified life coach? We love helping clients realize their full potentials and continue to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

Activate Your Potential

We believe in the unique talent and potential in each individual human being, and we know you are meant to continually grow and develop your unique gifts to the fullest.

We provide personal coaching and classes online and in-person to help you improve your leadership skills, overcome challenges with people, manage stress well, and accelerate your success in business and personal relationships.

Improve Your Relationships

Do you want to improve yourself in relationships? Julie or another certified life coach can help you to see through your blind spots and change the way you communicate. You can benefit from having sessions with a relationship coach to help you improve yourself and learn skills to be more successful with people.

Ask for more information about getting help from Julie or another relationship coach.

We partner with licensed psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and relationship counselors. Come to us for expert assessment, advice, and referral to the best care to meet your needs.

Professional Coaching For Women

Julie coaches women in private coaching relationships and in group coaching events.  We offer a professional growth club for women with various levels of coaching. The first level is $39 per month and enables women to receive the help they need via emails with Julie, a monthly group coaching call on zoom, and one brief call with Julie monthly.

Business Growth Coaching For Entrepreneurs

Get Advice, Support, Coaching and Training for You and Your Team. We help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and achieve sustainable levels of growth and balance in their lives. Our coaches are proven experts in launching and growing profitable businesses. Speak to Julie and arrange a conference to discuss how we can help you specifically.

Human Resources Consulting

We help companies realize their goals by improving their human resources.

Contract Coaching Partnerships To Improve Employee Performance

Julie is available for contract coaching to help companies reach their goals in hiring, training and coaching their leadership team and top employees. Julie will develop a comprehensive learning and development plan for your company and work with you to grow your business performance by coaching individual team members.

Executive Coaching

Julie is available for contract coaching opportunities to help executives reach their growth goals.

Leadership Development Coaching

We will help you reach your goals by providing leadership training to key individuals and teams. Developing leadership skills at all levels of your organization is key to the success and continual growth of your company.

Sales Training

If you are committed to continually growing your sales and selling skills, we can help you achieve your goals.

We help ambitious sales people rapidly increase their success in real-world sales challenges and revenue goals by combining sales skills training AND personal sales coaching. As our client, you will work with a personal coach and an expert sales trainer who will coach you on your specific challenges and sales environment.

Julie creates customized sales training programs for individual clients and companies. Together with our strategic partners, Dale Carnegie and Sandler Training, we deliver the highest quality, most effective sales training for your team members.

Would you like to improve your sales results quickly by attending an elite, sales training boot camp and then being coached by one of our expert sales coaches?

Inquire about services to help you grow your sales rapidly.

Talent Acquisition Assistance and Placement Services

If you are a hiring company, please inquire about our unique approach to helping you find and hire the best talent. We help to recruit and place the highest caliber candidates. We keep a database of our clients and assist in matching them with job opportunities. Please ask us about placement partnerships and fees.

We are here to serve you and help you realize your goals.


Get moving forward today and get the support and practical help you need. We are here to help you be more successful.



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