Mental Health Coaching

Self-care often gets put at the bottom of your list when life gets overwhelming.  Our clients come to us feeling overwhelmed with normal life stress and sometimes extra stress due to personal life events or work-related pressures.  

Mental health coaching can help you develop the skills you need to get through tough times and cope with the stress of multiple life events and circumstances.   Lack of sleep affects memory, concentration, and mood.  You may feel irritable and lose patience with people; you may vacillate between feeling worried, anxious, happy, and sad. You may feel tired often and lack the energy and motivation to do activities and tasks that are important to you.  If this describes you, mental health coaching may help you.

Coaching is different than therapy, and some people can benefit from therapy and coaching.  Therapy is indicated when mental health symptoms are associated with severe impairment to daily functioning or a severe mental illness.  Our trained staff will provide you with a free assessment and refer you to the appropriate level of care.  We partner with highly skilled psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists to whom we refer clients on a daily basis. 

Realization Partners offers an upfront consultation to get to know you and your unique situation and needs.

Reach out to us today by text, call, or email, and we will start with a conversation.  

Julie DeVito, MA, CPC, Program Director; 949-275-8957; [email protected]


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